LIMB is a collective four of artists, writers, researchers and curators based between England, France and Germany. Through collaborative projects and individual practices, we share a pluridisciplinary approach and think through entangled issues surrounding ecologies, interspecies communication, nonhuman life-worlds, aesthetics and language. Research-as-practice and practice-as-research lie at the heart of our work, and we continually engage in direct and indirect co-creations with webs of nonhuman interdependence.

Hydrographism, Brighton CCA Dorset Place
For our inaugural exhibition, LIMB explored (hydro)ecology as speculative writing. Thinking through wet ecologies as sensitive surfaces, inscribing agencies, and archives, LIMB’s members look towards nonhuman expansions of ‘inscription’ itself.
The exhibition attempts to appropriate the cartographic and economic practice of hydrography into hydrographism. While the former describes the physical features of water primarily for navigation safety and economic development, hydrographism imagines ways of sensing, narrating, and understanding aquatic environments. The exhibition facilitates a collective critique around aquatic taxonomy while displaying experiments with more-than-human forms of writing and thinking through water.
Hydrographism was supported by a versatile public program; hands-on workshops, reading sessions, and ‘wet walks’ to local dew ponds and freshwater sites accessible to anyone willing to poetically explore techniques of seeing and sensing (with) water bodies.

LIMB includes Juliette Pénélope Pépin, Sam Kaufman, Beatrice Zaidenberg, Marguerite Minnot Thomas.

Research catalogue available here
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