Artist Statement


In a personal quest for the meaning of origin, I immerse myself in old stories – real or fabricated, fragmented and re-moulded. My work serves to profess and reveal an unspoken understanding and intimacy within my family. The threat of loss within this tight bond has been the trigger for my work. For the first time I realized how vulnerable the foundation of my existence was, moments in which my clarity clouded. For the first time I feared time, and became nostalgic not about the past but of the future which remains.
The materiality and process of making the work are crucial. Both the process and final work is immersive and gentle; moving images of flickering evening light which moves across the places we inhabit, found objects which are instilled with great meaning until the memory within them fades, and laboured writings (sound-pieces) which explore my uncomfortable relation to my mother tongue that I am slowly losing. Through instillations of these videos, found objects and writings I create an environment of nostalgic explorations of my family dynamics. It is a gentle desperation to collect and hold close all the fragments of our togetherness.