I was born in Paris in 1993 in a small blue apartment littered with art books, filled with the sounds of Bach and the Beatles and the constant fragrance of my mother’s cooking. After a few settled years we migrated to various countries, a few years here, a few years there – a tradition which I follow to this day. This constant flux in environment employed me to keep my eyes wide open, to feel each cultural shift and the camera was the perfect tool to bridge the gaps with shared amazement and to attempt to record the fleeting moments which soon would no longer belong to my world.
A deeper understanding of the dual duty of art, both as a medium to engage in social issues and to address more personal histories, have led me to study photography in London. In my personal work I have come prioritize the slowness and process of making. Often working in collaboration with my family, we labour to acknowledge gestures of longing and nostalgia, deciphering our understanding of origin, as well as making and collecting objects in which our memories are imprinted.  
I have predominantly been teaching various arts workshops in both art gallery and NGO settings. Working quite extensively with children from refugee backgrounds, together we have photographed their daily communities and edited them into small books.
Through an ongoing long-term project in Tanzania I have been working with teens and elders to promote environmental awareness. Through the funds of the sale of postcards of their works the youth has successful bought and planted over 100 trees in their community and established a tree nursery.